How the Wisconsin EMS Association (WEMSA) Protects Your Data/ Information
We get asked every now and then about the data we collect from our members and business partners. We wanted to take some time and dedicate a space to let our members and partners know how we protect and use their data.
Data we gather may be personal, including cell phone numbers, home address, and date of births if needed for booking certain events (such as travel). We ask for this information to be able to effectively provide value and services to our members and partners alike. Most of our data is housed on secured and encrypted cloud servers accessible to Wisconsin EMS Association (WEMSA) staff members only.
What Do We Do With Your Information
This is a question we get asked all of the time. We protect it. How you might ask?
Any partners of WEMSA, including sponsors, exhibitors, and group purchasing vendors are never provided by the Wisconsin EMS Association (WEMSA) any member information that could be deemed personal, such as home addresses, email addresses, cell phone numbers, etc. We facilitate all interactions with our members through our back-end user management system so none of our partners have direct access to your data unless you specifically provide it to them. We do not sell, trade, or distribute our membership list or member information provided within to any of our partners, unless strictly required by law to do so.
Other data we collect such as license numbers, service roster information, or any information collected in surveys or polls is for the purpose of research and educational purposes only. We work with many state and government run agencies that inquire to accessing or collecting data on EMS and public safety services throughout the state of WI in order to better serve those providers.
Please contact us to learn more about our data protection policies or if you have any questions.