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New WEMSA Consulting Service

Operational Plans - Protocol - QA/QI Program - Marketing & Branding - Recruitment & Retention

  • Do you procrastinate updating Protocol documents?
  • Do you delegate Operational Plan updates to staff?
  • Do you complete projects by deciding what can pass as ‘OK’ for a few more years?
  • Do you wish you had the time to complete the projects the way you know they should be done?
  • Do you hope that DHS doesn’t look too closely at your Operational Plan?
  • Is your two-year DHS formal review slated for this year?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, WEMSA can help.

We understand that your service’s primary goal is to save lives and help your community, keeping up with state and community requirements is probably not where you wish to devote a lot of resources. WEMSA members have expressed concern that they are never sure they are getting all the requirements exactly right. WEMSA understands that completing operational plans, protocols, and QA/QI program documents can create stress for our members.

WEMSA is here to take away that stress and make reporting requirements easier on you. WEMSA Consulting Services can keep you current, compliant, and un-complicate the process of adding service levels. WEMSA provides a full range of consulting services to ease your burden.
You select the level of assistance based on your needs. WEMSA can be simply a resource for questions or we can handle the complete project - while you focus on saving lives. Our experienced staff specializes in Operational Plans, Protocol Documents, and QA/QI Documentation. WEMSA offers the expertise you need at two service levels:


  • Work with Service Director and Medical Director to identify project goals
  • Review existing documentation to comply with department regulations and state statutes
  • Identify areas of concern
  • Provide written report with recommendations and suggestions for completing your final project


Review level service with the added features of:

  • Includes review for either initial or upgrade of service level
  • Identify missing or incomplete items especially critical with an upgrade of service level
  • Create documents/best practices for review to comply with DHS regulations as well as state statutes
  • Review with Service Director and Medical Director
  • Develop timelines and ongoing review as needed
  • Work with Service Director and Medical Director to update items or implement recommendations from DHS as needed
  • Receive updates as to changing statute or administrative rule.

Additionally, we have experts in Marketing & Branding for your service. Unsure how to start, develop a website, or create social media profiles to gain exposure? Need to fund-raise, draw positive attention to your service, and gain support from your community?

We can help.