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CEMS and Flexible Staffing - Rule Writing 10o1

AUTHOR: Marc Cohen, WEMSA Executive Director

I am very fortunate to represent WEMSA (along with Amanda) on the DHS committees to help craft the administrative rule for both the Community EMS – WI 2017 ACT 96 and Flexible Staffing - WI 2017 ACT 97. The most interesting thing that I discovered is that the most challenging part of administrative rule writing is not actually writing the rules for the legislation. It is actually the process.

When those of you in services around the state are frustrated by the time things take to get done, Now, I can certainly empathize with you. What I discovered is that the entire process from having the governor open Administrative rule, the 90-day process of public comment all the way through the actual approval through the Department of Health Services can take upwards of 18 months. There is even a 52-page manual on how to write rules. All of that doesn’t account for the change in legislative leadership with the new governor. We have already begun working very seriously on both bills.

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AUTHOR: Kirk Gunderson, WEMSA Board President

A season of Gratitude, a Season of challenges and maybe even a Season of change.  As I sit here and think about my years in EMS (yes I started in 1986) I keep coming up with one word and that word is Gratitude.  Is it the gratitude shown towards me that I think about, no. Sure I can remember the hugs and the sincere thank you that what given by a family member and do not get me wrong I appreciated everyone of them.

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