Hinckley Springs/ Keurig - New WEMSA Partnership

WEMSA is proud to announce a new partnership with DS Services of America (Hinckley Springs/ Keurig) to provide water and coffee services for both stations and individuals across Wisconsin. This partnership provides an exclusive discount on their AquaCafe water/ coffee machine and their water coolers, in addition to discounts on 5-Gallon jugs of water, cheaper than you can get from Home Depot, Wal-Mart, or even Costco.

WEMSA members can now receive bottled water service straight to their door at a discount normally only provided to large volume businesses. Additionally, services no longer need to 'send someone out' to go buy 5-Gallon water jugs, saving them time and money.

Plus, for those who love their K-Cups, the AquaCafe uses K-Cups to make coffee and other beverages for you to enjoy, utilizing the filtered water jugs. With 2 new customized packages exclusively for WEMSA members, water service is cheaper than Netflix even.

We negotiated on behalf on WEMSA members to customize and create these options to make it simple to get started and setup. Even our WEMSA office now has the AquaCafe and we use it every single day. No contracts or monthly minimums. Just an initial order requirement to get you started and setup and just pay for what you use for water and a small rental fee (cheaper than Netflix).

Contact our Wisconsin DS Services of America (Hinckley Springs/ Keurig) Representative: Bryan LaFave @ 262-422-7431 or email him directly at [email protected]



Check out the AquaCafe at our WEMSA Office!

Come visit us and we will treat you to a cup of coffee!


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